Hey, I'm Erick. 👋 I'm your go-to community builder.

In short, I've built communities for these well known brands.

This is what I can help you with.

Community Planning & Design

Discover a world of possibilities, from defining roles and allocating resources to setting clear objectives, crafting strategic project timelines, enhancing site navigation, and incorporating engaging gamification. Let's shape your community's future together!

What More Can You Explore?

Unlock Community Management Fundamentals

Dive into the core of community success! Navigate the intricacies of your community structure, master the art of balancing private and public boards, empower your users with dynamic ranks and permissions, and craft policies and guidelines that foster a thriving online ecosystem. Let's elevate your community management game!

Ready for the Grand Launch?

Elevate Your Community Launch Strategy

Embark on an exciting journey of community growth! Craft dynamic promotion and marketing plans that will propel your community to new heights. Plus, revolutionize your internal communication to build a strong foundation for success. Let's make your community launch an unforgettable experience!

Dive into the Heart of Engagement

Master the Art of Gamification & Tactics

Unleash the power of motivation within your community! Explore the strategic use of ranks, badges, recognition, reputation building, and enticing rewards to ignite the passion of your members. Let's transform your community into an engaging and thriving playground of interaction!

Unlock the Secrets of Exceptional Support Communities

Craft a World-Class Support Community

Discover the keys to creating a support community that stands out. Learn the strategies and tactics to measure the true impact on your Return on Investment. Let's embark on a journey toward support excellence!